Wasatch 100

Wasatch 100

Monday, April 18, 2011

2011 Desert RATS Trail Running Festival 25 Mile Race Report

This is a 25 mile loop course in the desert mountains outside of Fruita, Colorado. The trail has over 4,000 feet of climbing on mostly single track on the Kokopelli’s and adjacent trails with incredible views of the Colorado River through horseshoe canyons. The April 16th race began at 6:30am with temps in the high 30s and partly cloudy with about 40 fifty milers and over 150 twenty-five milers.

(The starting area)

The start was up a 1.5 mile road until it reached single track that switched back up 600 feet to one of the high points of the race and then back down to the first aid station. After about 2 miles of climbing on single track, the course began an 8 mile section where it ran along the horseshoe canyons. Not only is this a great area for trail running, it is a must do trip for hikers and mountain bikers. In this section, with out knowing it, the trail zig-zagged up the canyon. (Note there are videos below that may take a minute to load)

(Video in first half mile)

(Coming off the first climb)

(This and the next video are of the horseshoe canyons)

(13 mile aid station)

(This is a good view of the horseshoe sections and where the course zig-zaged above)

As you climbed up the next level you could see the trail and runners below. Eventually the trail moved north and back down to the 19.1 mile aid station before 2 mile climb up a road before finding more single track at the very top of the mountain. At this point once again, the view was of all the trails below and the Colorado River on a two mile section running on top of the mountain.

(Mile 17ish moving north toward I-70 and the last aid station)

(This is the very top section at mile 22ish)

The last two miles was a fast two mile switch back descent back to the road and then to the finish. This was where a few of the 50 milers were beginning their return trip in the opposite direction.

In conclusion, I finished in 4:35:05 and then enjoyed some Mexican food and visited two of the local breweries. I would highly recommend this well supported trailrace.