Wasatch 100

Wasatch 100

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Brewery Tour: Upslope and Breckenridge Brewing - Boulder/Dernver Co

After another day of trail running in the Indian Peaks we made the trip down to Boulder to visit Upslope Brewing, one of the newest breweries in Colorado. Upslope began brewing in the fall of 2008 with two flagship beers, the pale ale and IPA. You will always find one or two seasonal beers too.

What make upsolope unique is that they only can their beers - the old fashion way - one beer can at a time. They have been very successful in marketing their beers to local liquor stores and pub. When visiting the tasting room the friendly staff will always let you try a few beers before you enjoy a pint or two. In the two years that we have been stopping at Upslope we have never been disappointed. The make great beers and will often use Patagonia hops in their brewing.

On August 30, they joined their neighbor BookCliff Vineyard (three doors down) for a six course dinner pairing beers and wines. So if you are in town and have vine drinking guests you can compromise and visit both locations. BookCliff will give you 3 or 4 wine samples for $5.



(The brewery -note they viewing the canning volunteers)
(the taps in the tasting room)

On our way home from Boulder we made a stop at the Breckenridge Brewer in on Kalamath street in Denver. Breckenridge brewery began 1990 in Breckenridge Colorado when founder, Richard Squire, turned his home brewing hobby into a career. Today you can still visit the Breckenridge location yet if you want to see the main production line you will need to visit their location on Kalamath.
When you visit you can enjoy one of their 10 year around beers, 4 seasonals, or 4 small batch 471 beers. I always enjoy starting with their Agave Wheat which is an American-style wheat with agave nectar. Always they may have a new seasonal beer or a new experiment so I will always ask for a sample.
When you visit make sure you have room for a snack or dinner. They have great bar-b-que and the best smoked wings (not fired).
(Taps at the bar)
(Beer menu)
(Fermentation tanks)
(Brew kettle and mash tun)
(stack of Avalanche Amber cans - their flagship beer)
(this is what it looks like on Kalamath)

Friday, August 27, 2010

Brewery Tour: Vermont and Aspen Colorado

Following the run at the Vermont 100, we decided to tour some of the state and see a few breweries. The following pictures are of Harpoon Brewing. This is one of their two brew facilities. Inside they have a great tasting room and pub. The outside has a great patio to enjoy your beer. We just had a sampler tray and if you enjoy a dry finish to your beer this is the place.


Up the road is Long Trail Brewing. This is another Vermont brewery at a great location on a stream. Once again we enjoyed a sampler tray and if you enjoy a dry finish this is your place.


(They even have a few chair to enjoy the stream)

When we decided to fly out for the race we had a choice of going back to Boston or staying an extra day in Vermont. Lucky for us Draft Magazine had an article brewery inns and the Norwich Inn was listed as location near our race. The inn was established in 1797 and it includes the Jasper Murdock Ales. On tap they had a red and an IPA both were great. Each had a smoother finish and you can not break the atmosphere.


The Aspen Brewery was a welcome site after our Four Passes Loop fast hike. It is located on Mill off the main street going through town. We arrived at 8:45 pm, just before closing and I asked if we are still OK to enjoy a few beers and Rory Douthit of Aspen Brewing was very nice and encouraged us to enjoy and not worry about the time. We had a sampler tray and enjoyed all their beers. That not being enough we finished the evening with a pair of IPAs. If you are ever in Aspen make the time to enjoy this Rocky Mountain destination!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

2010 Four Passes Loop

This weekend Kelly and I decided to fast hike the Four Passes Loop outside of Aspen. Four Passes is a famous multi day loop hike that displays some of the most scenic views in Colorado. This is my final long workout before next month's Wasatch 100.

It begins at the Maroon Bells parking lot 8 miles south of Aspen. The starting elevation is 9580 feet and climbs up and down Four passes each reaching over 12,400 feet with a 12,500 feet high point with a total distance of about 28 miles.

The Next 9 Pictures are on the route to West Maroon Pass
(Maroon Bells)

(Next 3 pictures are on top of West Maroon Pass 12,500 feet)

(Next 4 pictures are on route to Frigid Air Pass)

(Next 2 pictures are on top of Frigid Air Pass 12,415)

(Lunch - A slice of leftover pizza)

(The next 9 pictures are from the hike through Fravert Basin and the Crystal River)

(King Falls)

(Kelly next to a blown over tree. A wind storm blew over many trees and blocked the trail. Hikers have to climb over trees or walk through marsh.)

(The climb out of the basin to Trail Rider is the steepest and longest part of the hike)

(Approaching Trail Rider Pass)

(Next three pictures are from the top of Trail Rider Pass 12,420)
(Snowmass Lake)

(Looking back at the hike up from Fravert basin)

(Looking back at Trail Rider Pass)

(Snowmass Peak)

(Snowmass Lake )

(The view towards Buckskin Pass

(Views from the top of Buckskin Pass 12,500 Feet)

(My mountain goat friends)

(Papa Goat standing guard)

(12 hours and 35 minutes and we are done!)

The following are videos I took in order as we started and climbed each Pass.


(West Maroon)

(Frigid Air)

(Trail Rider)