Wasatch 100

Wasatch 100

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

2010 Four Passes Loop

This weekend Kelly and I decided to fast hike the Four Passes Loop outside of Aspen. Four Passes is a famous multi day loop hike that displays some of the most scenic views in Colorado. This is my final long workout before next month's Wasatch 100.

It begins at the Maroon Bells parking lot 8 miles south of Aspen. The starting elevation is 9580 feet and climbs up and down Four passes each reaching over 12,400 feet with a 12,500 feet high point with a total distance of about 28 miles.

The Next 9 Pictures are on the route to West Maroon Pass
(Maroon Bells)

(Next 3 pictures are on top of West Maroon Pass 12,500 feet)

(Next 4 pictures are on route to Frigid Air Pass)

(Next 2 pictures are on top of Frigid Air Pass 12,415)

(Lunch - A slice of leftover pizza)

(The next 9 pictures are from the hike through Fravert Basin and the Crystal River)

(King Falls)

(Kelly next to a blown over tree. A wind storm blew over many trees and blocked the trail. Hikers have to climb over trees or walk through marsh.)

(The climb out of the basin to Trail Rider is the steepest and longest part of the hike)

(Approaching Trail Rider Pass)

(Next three pictures are from the top of Trail Rider Pass 12,420)
(Snowmass Lake)

(Looking back at the hike up from Fravert basin)

(Looking back at Trail Rider Pass)

(Snowmass Peak)

(Snowmass Lake )

(The view towards Buckskin Pass

(Views from the top of Buckskin Pass 12,500 Feet)

(My mountain goat friends)

(Papa Goat standing guard)

(12 hours and 35 minutes and we are done!)

The following are videos I took in order as we started and climbed each Pass.


(West Maroon)

(Frigid Air)

(Trail Rider)


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