Wasatch 100

Wasatch 100

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Ryan Martin’s 2011 Run Through Time Marathon Salida Colorado

If you are looking for an early season marathon or training race to prep for the summer ultra running season this is a great destination. It takes place in mid-March in Salida Colorado. The course has 6 miles of trail, 8 miles of Jeep road, 11 miles of dirt/gravel, and only 1.5 miles of pavement. As for elevation change is has a 4,950 ft assent and 4,950 ft descent

(The following 4 pictures are of the start area)

(some elite runners below including Nick Clark and Geoff Roes)
The race begins at the old rail track across the Arkansas River near downtown Salida. After a sharp up clime in the first half mile and the quick pavement section the race has a long steady 2000 ft climb up the dirt/gravel road into the foothills above the city to the highpoint at the 10.4 mile aid station and then returns down the same road to mile 13.6. This three mile section if fun for a runner spectator (myself) to watch some the some of the greatest ultra runners in the country fly past on their downhill.
(This about mile 4 on the long dirt/gravel road)

(Views of the Collegiate Peaks)
(Video of Geoff Roes doing the race as a training run)

(The beginning of a steep climb to the 10.4 mile turn around)
(near the top of the climb looking back at the above picture)
(View from the top)
(Video from the top)

After a quick bottle fill at the 13.6 mile aid station the course turns to jeep road that winds up and down numerous hills until it begins a more aggressive down hill with great views of the Collegiate Peaks and the town of Salida.
(Between mile 15 & 18 on the jeep road)
At mile 20.1 aid station, the course switched to the new single track trail that had some great technical sections for the first three miles and one steep climb.
(next two videos and pictures are of the new single track sections mile 21-24)

The last four miles of the single track was mainly a gradual descent to the track and only 1/3 mile to the finish. In the end I was the last sub 5 hour finisher at 4:57:52 in 63rd place.

This was my 5th trip for this race (one year I did the half), and I would highly recommend it to anyone for a great training race, wonderful views, well organized , and it nice to see some of the best ultra runners in the country. When you are done with the race, be sure to enjoy a craft beer and a wood fired pizza at Amica’s.

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