Wasatch 100

Wasatch 100

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

2014 Boston Marathon Race Report

A little over a year ago, I would never have thought of doing the 2014 Boston Marathon but due to the bombing I wanted to support and show solidarity to Boston and the running community.  In May 2013, I ran the Colorado Marathon and got a 3:08 qualifying time which allowed me to register for the race.

Leading up to the race my focus has been on slow trail running to get ready for the Hardrock 100. So for Boston, I set a goal to have fun and enjoy the race. 

We arrived on Sunday just in time to get to the expo and pickup my race packet and number.  My original plan was to have a friend get it but they changed the rule to where only the runner could get it.  In the future, I would recommend flying in on Saturday.  
Leaving the expo, I was able to walk through the finish area where the memorial to the bombing was set up and TV crews from around the world were interviewing participants.  Our next stop was to our hotel in Cambridge and my race tradition of eating pizza for dinner.
The morning of the race I had to get to the busing area before 7:00am for the wave 1 start.  This is also the area for drop bags and family meeting after the race.  

After and hour bus ride we made it to Hopkinton where everyone had to wait a few hours before the race.  When I first got there I had no problems getting food, coffee, and no line to the restrooms. As time went on and the arrival of the other waves we were then crammed into the sports fields like sardines.
To remain warm I was able to cover in a mylar blanket but needed to move several times as the bathroom lines stated to run over me.

Finally, as the race start neared, runners were asked stage up based on their wave and corral. First we waited on the grounds then the parking lot before walking to the start. I only wished I taken a picture of the hundreds of runners using the restroom along the walls and fence in the parking area. This may have been avoided if the announcers let the runners know there was another set of port-o-potties by the start.
In the hours waiting for the race I kept looking around for my friends and members of the Runners Roost Race team until finally I ran into Bridget Tschappat on the way to the start.

(National Guard Fly Over)
When the race officially started, I remained in corral for about 10 minutes before finally crossing the starting line. Then it still took another half mile to gain full speed due to the crowds of runners.

All the following pictures are along the race course.  Even though my goal was to run at comfortable pace I couldn't help but get caught up in the fast pace of the first 13 miles.  I got to Wellesley College in 1:35.  

In the video at end of the race report there I combined the Wellesley scream chamber with a video of the finish line.  As I was going though the mob of screaming girls I kept watching the other runners stopping for kisses so I decide I need to partake too.  

After my kisses, I felt the fast pace catching up with me and I decided to go back to my original goal of enjoying the race.

The following picture is of the dreaded Heartbreak Hill at mile 20.5.  So yes there is a hill, yet to a mountain runner it is no big deal.  I guess if you are cranking out a 4:50 mile pace, the hill can kill a few elite and good runners.  In fact at the top I did see quite a few runners awaiting aid at the medical tent.

Below is where the race began rolling into downtown and the crowds were really getting large.  The cheering crowds makes this race special.  It is hard not to get pumped up for kick to the finish  or doing high-fives with all the kids.  

In this picture below above the second traffic light is the famous Citgo sign.  As soon as the race passes the sign there is just one mile to go!

The mile leading up the finish area is the most intense with huge crowds and surprisingly I was able to see my girl friend Kelly just before the final turn onto Bolyston Street.

(Kelly was able to get a picture of me)

(The final quarter mile)
In the end, we had a great time in the race and exploring Boston.  It is really nice to see a city come out and support a non professional sport and make it a part of their culture.  For any marathoner, making an appearance at Boston is a-must-do. 

(There is no better way to finish a Boston trip then to see them play the Yankees)

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